The Kids On the Block
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Zach Jones

Zach is 11 years old and lives in Woodburn with his mother Tina, his father AI and his older brother Alan, Jr. Zach is overweigh and being positive about himself does not always come easy.  Although he is liked by his peers, he sometimes loses sight of this when he focuses negatively on his self image.  He also represents a child who, after looking at his personal challenges, chooses (with encouragement and support from his friends) to take steps toward better health.

Zach likes to hang out with friends and enjoys reading books, watching movies and playing computer games.  Science is his favourite subject in school and he has just started working on the school newspaper.  He’s not sure whether he wants to be a scientist, doctor or reporter when he grows up, but he thinkds he’d like to be one of the three.

Zach is the only person in his family who is overweight.   Sometimes this is difficult for Zach, since his 14 years old brother seems to be able to eat and do anything without it affecting his weight.  Although they try to be supportive, sometimes his parents seem not to understand why Zach is so different from his brother when it comes to body type and enjoyment of sports.  Alan, Jr. has always enjoyed team sports and Zach really hasn’t.  Zach refers to himself as “not being a sports kind of guy” but he is starting to realize that physical activity can be attained through many methods-not jest team sports.  Zach is willing to give new physical activities a try and is encouraged by his friends and Reverend Robinson.

Through his interactions with Reverend Robinson, Jason’s father, Zach is realizing that all bodies are different and that the most important thing is to make healthy choices.  Making small changes in eating and activity habits and attitude can lead to very positive results.