The Kids On the Block
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Jason Robinson

Jason is a kind, curious and funny eleven year old. He has strong values, and his family is very important to him. He admires his father, Raymond, a minister who counsels teenagers in their hometown of Woodburn, and he hopes to be like him someday.

Like many children his age, Jason is going through adolescent changes and sometimes experiences confusion. He is learning how to make positive choices about many of the challenging situations that face young people, including negative peer pressure and healthy eating and exercise habits. Although he comes from a supportive home environment, like many young boys, Jason still struggle with some common misconceptions about manhood, like the notion that being a man means being "tough." Jason feels lucky to have a number of role models to help him through some of life's struggles, including his father and John Sanchez, a clerk at the local movie rental outlet.

With his sensitive and supportive nature and silly sense of humor, Jason has many friends. He enjoys photography and spending time at The Olive Branch, a neighborhood restaurant owned by his friend Christine's family.