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Daniel Cole

Daniel Cole has recently transferred to Woodburn Jr. High while his mother completes her internship at Woodburn General Hospital.  Like a lot of 14 year old boys, Daniel is involved in a number of activities.  At his old school, Daniel was active in the student council, band, and acted as the assistant coach of the tigers  little league team.

Daniel lives with his father, Ford, his mother, Lara, and sister, Karinda.  In addition to studying medicine, Daniel's mother is also striving to learn more about her Indian heritage.  Although Daniel's dad is not Indian, the entire Cole family is learning about the traditions of their Cherokee heritage.  Daniel is learning about Cherokee history from his maternal great-grandparents, as well as from other Native people he has met recently.

Daniel enjoys sharing his newfound knowledge about his Native heritage with his friends.  However, he is quick to let people know that he is not an expert about Indians.   He explains, being Indian is different to every Native person because there are hundreds of different Indian Nations . . . And each one has its own customs and history and language.  I've started learning about our language and customs and it makes me feel really proud of my Cherokee heritage. 

Daniel believes, heritage means a lot of important things.  It's about history and tradition . . . It's also about having responsibility for my family and for the future . . . it's about having respect for people and life.