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Brenda Dubrowski

Eleven year old Brenda Dubrowski recently went through a difficult time when her parents were divorced.
Brenda's father, Brian, now lives across town. Brenda lives with her mother, Debbie, and sees her father on Wednesday nights and every other weekend.

At first, Brenda had a hard time adjusting to the changes in her family. Both she and her parents participated in counseling sessions at the Mental Health Center. Her counselor, Lisa, helped Brenda communicate her feelings about the divorce to her parents.
Now, two years after her parents' separation, Brenda knows the divorce had nothing to do with her. "I didn't do anything to make my parents get a divorce, and I couldn't do anything to get them back together again," Brenda says. "Divorce is a grown up problem with a kid caught right in the middle."

Brenda is a well adjusted and lively young lady who sometimes lets her enthusiasm get the best of her. She loves to be the center of attention and enjoys singing (even if it isn't on key).