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(1) Special Educational Needs (2) Hearing Impairment (3) Visually Impairment (4) Physical Handicap
(5) Down’s Syndrome (6) Learning Difficulties (7) Anti-smoking (8) Healthy Livelihood
(9) Developmental Disorders (10) Others

(1) Special Educational Needs

Centre for Special Needs and Studies in Inclusive Education

Do2Learn – Autism & Learning Disability Child Education

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(2) Hearing impairment

Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH)

British Association of Teachers of the Deaf

Children’s Hearing Foundation

Listening to Listen Foundation

National Taichung School For Students With Hearing Impairments

Oral Deaf Education

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(4) Physical Handicap


The Spastics Association of Hong Kong

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(5) Down’s Syndrome

The National Down Syndrome Society

The Hong Kong joint Council of Parents of the Mentally Handicapped

Parents Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities


Hong Chi Association

Heep Hong Society

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(6) Learning difficulties

LD OnLine: Learning Disabilities Information and Resource

The Institute for neuro-psychological psychology

Hong Kong Association for Specific Learning Disabilities

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(7) Anti-smoking

Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health

Committee On Youth Smoking Prevention

Teen Power Smoke Free Zone

Youth Quit line

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(8) Healthy livelihood

Central Health Education Unit

The School Sports Programme (SSP)

[email protected]

Healthy Exercise for All Campaign


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(9) Developmental disorders

The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) - Disability & Education Series - Learn about Autism

HKEdCity – Autism


Hong Kong Autism Awareness Allinace

Autism Hong Kong

Treatment and Education of Autisic and Relaated Communication Handicapped Children

National Institute of Mental health

National Autistic Societly (NAS), UK 

Autism Society of America


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(10) Others

百煉人生路 - 香港電台 Radio Hong Kong


Hong Kong Education City Limited - 大同學習村

Hong Kong Sports Association for the Mentally Handicapped

Hong Kong Paralympic Committee & Sports Association for the Physically

Equal Opportunities Commission

Down’s Syndrome資訊網

Hong Kong Drama / Theatre and Education Forum

Hong Kong Juvenile Diabetes Association.

Arts with the Disable Association Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Asthma Society



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